CALLing out jeddah designers

ADHLAL in partnership with Saudia invites you to a Designathon

About designathon

Take a creative leap with the Saudia Designathon! Co-hosted by ADHLAL in the context of the Saudia Design Program, we invite local designers, graduate students, and design professionals to reimagine and repurpose Saudia crew uniforms.

Design Challenge

How might we creatively repurpose Saudia Crew old-branded uniforms, amplifying the message of sustainability?


The event welcomes freelance, employed and soon-to-graduate designers in product, fashion, textiles, interior or jewelry design.

Why Apply

– Showcase your sustainable design prowess to Saudia.
– Witness your ideas materialize through prototyping.
– Gain exposure at a high-profile event.
– Stand a chance for consideration in the Saudia Design Awards 2024.


The Saudia Designathon will take place in the city of Jeddah. on the 14th and 15th of December.

Application required

Express your interest to participate by completing the registration form before Dec 7th, 12pm. From all applicants, we will invite max 30 to participate in this first Designathon.


14th December 7PM-10PM

Onboarding, meet the experts, team forming, start co-creation.

DAY two

15th December 2PM-6PM

Continue co-creation, meet the mentors, pitch ideas, celebrate and next steps.


The Designathon is scheduled for two days, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of December. You have been chosen from a long list of applicants, and we highly recommend that participants be available for the entire duration of the event. This will allow you to fully engage in all the activities, workshops, and networking opportunities that will be available.

We are of the opinion that all participants are winners in showcasing their creativity and idea-power as part of a growing and maturing Saudi design community. However, a jury is expected to select three to five promising ideas for further design detailing and prototyping. The designers involved will be invited by Saudia to participate in that process. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to gain recognition in the design community and expand your professional network.

The Saudia Design Awards is a program created by Saudia in collaboration with Adhlal. The program aims to promote and activate the Saudi design community through various initiatives. The Awards program, set to launch in 2024, will recognize exceptional design talents and innovative projects. This platform presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and gain visibility in the design industry.

Participating in this Designathon does not guarantee employment or immediate freelance opportunities. However, it’s a fantastic chance to showcase your skills to the staff of Saudia and Saudia Group and to network with other professionals in the field. Many participants have found valuable connections, projects, and career opportunities through events like this.

Certainly! Participating in the Designathon would showcase your skills, creativity, and a strong commitment to professional development. It’s a noteworthy experience that could significantly enhance your resume. 

On your resume, we suggest you mention it as follows: “Participated in the Saudia Designathon – organized by Adhlal on December 14 & 15, 2023 – a community co-create event to brainstorm ideas for repurposing former-branded crew uniforms.” Don’t forget to highlight your personal contributions, achievements, or any learning experiences gained during the event.

Participants who attend both days of the event will be given a certificate of participation for the Saudia Design Program. This certificate will acknowledge your contribution and involvement in the Designathon and could be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio. The certificates will be provided as a PDF document in the week following the event.

Yes, we plan to document the event through photography and videography for promotional and archival purposes. Please let us know if you have any concerns or specific requests regarding this

The Saudia Designathon is a community event where designers can showcase their creativity and help organizations like Saudia move forward. During the event, designers work together in small teams to produce creative ideas.

Adhlal and Saudia understand the importance of recognizing the designers’ contributions and will facilitate post-event meetings with selected design teams to prototype their ideas. They will also discuss how to best acknowledge the designers’ contributions and ideas.

We understand that there can be other questions. The easiest is to reach out prior to the event by email and share your question(s). You can reach us at During the event, please approach one of the Adhlal facilitators of co-facilitators and we will try to answer your question.

The entire event will be conducted exclusively in English. Please note that all presentations, discussions, and materials will be in English.

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