Reflecting on Architectural Horizons: A Sustainable Design Journey with Professor Alfonso Femia

Reflecting on Architectural Horizons: A Sustainable Design Journey with Professor Alfonso Femia

We recently embarked on a transformative journey into the architectural landscapes of Milan, Paris, and Genoa. At Al Faisaliah Hotel on Wednesday 15 November through the architectural landscapes of Milan, Paris, and Genoa, we also explored the nuances of sustainable architecture. This exploration took center stage at a conference organized by the Italian Embassy and the Italian Trade Agency in Riyadh, where Architect Alfonso Femia’s keynote speech on “Sustainable Architecture” unfolded as an enlightening experience.

The poetic power of architecture:

Under the auspices of the Italian Embassy and the Italian Trade Agency, Architect Alfonso Femia began his opening remarks, showcasing his clear passion for sustainable architecture. He emphasized the poetic nature of architecture, highlighting that it goes beyond mere construction and has its own artistic and emotional essence, breathing life into structures. This departure from traditional architectural design concepts left an unforgettable creative imprint.

Masterpieces Unveiled and Sustainability as Guidance:

While showcasing his portfolio during the conference, Femia presented architectural marvels such as “Gabriele Gardens” and “Marseille Docks” not only as buildings but as artistic expressions within sustainable designs. The discourse on architecture as poetry left an indelible mark, and in each facet of his presentation, sustainability seamlessly harmonized with Vision 2030 objectives. His design philosophy emphasized the importance of architecture and enriching ideas across diverse age groups, which perfectly aligned with the fundamental role of architecture in shaping the future.

Inspiration, and Architecture as Narrative:

Femia bridged the wonders of the present with the historical grandeur of Saudi Arabia’s architectural landscape, emphasizing the power of design in shaping the human experience. He made us appreciate architecture as a storytelling that speaks to the soul, evoking emotions deeply rooted in our hearts. Moreover, we observed the fusion of creativity and sustainability as Femia demonstrated his ability to create structures that not only enhance the environment but touch the essence of humanity with a symphony of emotions within the architecture.

In conclusion, Femia’s vision aligned perfectly with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, as architectural exchange and innovation serve as bridges towards understanding and unity. It has inspired local designers and stimulated their creativity, empowering them to envision a new culture with innovative architectural expressions. This reinforces our belief that design can contribute to the development of culture in Saudi Arabia. We were left feeling deeply inspired by the event and eager to see how architecture can continue to transform the world.

Team Adhlal.


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