Design in Riyadh: A Comprehensive Overview of Specialized Universities and their Educational Environments

Studying design and related academic fields in Riyadh is a common and intriguing topic. Many creative individuals from all over the Kingdom move to the capital city to study or work in various related fields. However, we specifically focus on the fields and colleges of design and arts offered by universities in Riyadh and their curricula.

King Saud University offers distinguished programs in design to equip specialists with academic and creative skills. The university provides programs in graphic design and art education for both Master’s and Ph.D. levels.

Dar Al Uloom University, which seeks to keep up with technological advancements, combines digital media and digital design in its College of Architectural Engineering and Design. The college includes undergraduate specializations in graphic design and interior design, along with Master’s programs in graphic design and interior design.

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University serves as a beacon of education and scientific research in Riyadh. The university houses the College of Design and Arts, which is a pioneer in its field within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The college offers several departments, including graphic design and digital media, interior design, visual arts, fashion and textile design, and product design.

Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University includes the College of Media and Communication, which offers a specialization in Graphics and Multimedia for both undergraduate and Ph.D. levels. The college aims to provide a comprehensive educational program in graphics and multimedia using the latest technologies.

Al Majmaah University prioritizes providing competitive education, focusing on cognitive development, sustainable development, and quality of life. The university offers a department of interior design in its College of Engineering for undergraduate studies.

The specialization of design and its related fields in Riyadh stands out among different universities, offering diverse programs in various specializations such as graphic design, interior design, digital media, and fashion design. The curricula and academic environments may vary from one university to another, so students and interested individuals should research and select the university that aligns with their needs and interests in the field of design.


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