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what we do

We connect the dots

By serving, partnering and collaborating with stakeholders in Education, Industry, Government and the Community we inspire, facilitate and accelerate a maturing Saudi based design eco-system.

  • Raising design awareness & confidence
  • Formulating design-driven strategies
  • Facilitating design(er) collaboration
  • Leveling up design curricula & learning programs

  • Offering real-world learning experiences for students

  • Unlocking creativity with Saudi’s youngest generation

  • Offering research driven insights
  • Supporting design-relevant policy making
  • Facilitating human-centered (incl. citizens) co-creation
  • Connecting & building belonging for designers
  • Facilitating co-creation & professional development
  • Championing the design profession and Saudi designers


With our team of experts, we assist organizations in overcoming their reluctance to utilize design as a crucial factor in achieving success by providing research and activate strategic roadmaps that ensure accurate and up-to date data and insights for the eco-system in the kingdom.

Design policy making

We co-author with government and industry – policies to support a maturing and thriving Saudi design and creative eco-system. 

Design research

We use design research and our bespoke Saudi design community to help organizations better understand user needs, market and creative potential.


We provide accurate and up-to date advisory and insights for the ecosystem in the kingdom, we aim to raise awareness about challenges in the industry and how to enter a Saudi marketplace by providing effective design policies and strategies to support the growth of the Saudi ecosystem.

Design strategy

We inspire and help organizations in the co-authoring of design-relevant strategies contributing to responsible and sustainable growth. 

Design transformation

We partner with industry, government & academia to co-create programs that level up design awareness, and applications across Saudi Arabia. 

Design learning experiences

We help professionals, students and future generations discover and activate creative skills and design practices by co-creating relevant Design Learning Experiences. 

Design awareness creation

We help organizations and teams to discover and experience the relevance and impact of design-thinking and design practices. 


  We support individuals who are passionate about and interested in saudi design as a significant, authentic and impactful profession by providing mentorships and design learning formats that Adhlal develops as we believe in the power of design to enable positive social change and to enable talented designers to align themselves with seasoned industry professional who can impart their knowledge and wisdom to guide strategic decision-making.

We advocate

and champion growth of Saudi designers

We connect

designers and build belonging


We activate

community engagement and co-creation


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