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Harrods Hive Riyadh: A Hub of Creativity and Insightful Discussions

In January 2024, Harrods Hive made its debut in Riyadh for a two-day event held at Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah Gate.

The Harrods Hive:

The Harrods Hive was first launched during Shanghai Fashion Week in 2021 as a networking platform that connects industry leaders with emerging talent. Each event brings together designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and game-changers in inspiring settings that encourage empowering dialogues.

Harrods Hive Riyadh:

At Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah Gate, three panel discussions were held, focusing on shedding light on rare talents and exploring how creatives in the Middle East successfully balance traditional craftsmanship with innovative approaches to design contemporary and unique pieces. The discussions delved into the secret behind creative brilliance and how cultural diversity in the Middle East enriches the creative arts scene. Another panel discussed the element of rarity and uniqueness in our perceptions of luxury.

The panelists:

The panelists included Basma Bouzo, co-founder of Saudi Design Week; HRH Princess AlJoharah bint Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, founder and chairwoman of Atlal Almajd; Asma Bahmim, a Saudi contemporary Islamic artist; Rae Joseph, a fashion entrepreneur and vintage collector; Shahd Al-Shehail, the founder of the ethical luxury brand Abadia; Nouf Al-Moneef, an interior architect designer; and Zeinab Abu Alsamh, CEO of MBC Academy.

Saudi Youth Society:

Saudi Youth Society (SYS) is a non-profit organization established on January 31, 2020, with a focus on three main pillars: creativity, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. During the event, SYS served as the bridge between Harrods Hive and the audience, Adhlal team had the opportunity to interview Mr. Hamad bin Majed Alowaishiq, the founder and chairman of SYS.

Alowaishiq expressed his delight in providing aspiring creatives with the chance to learn from accomplished figures in the field of fashion and culture. He also emphasized the significance of SYS being the representative of youth in Saudi Arabia and their mission to empower emerging generations, foster leadership, connect and bridge cultures, cultivate creative communities, and inspire purposeful action.

The First Harrods Hive in Riyadh:

The event successfully provided aspiring creatives with an opportunity to learn from accomplished individuals in the field, who shared their challenges and advice. SYS was honored to act as the reference point for Harrods in Saudi Arabia, aligning with their vision of representing the youth in the country and empowering future leaders.

What Makes Saudi Youth Society Special?

SYS recognizes that the young men and women of Saudi Arabia are their most valuable asset. The organization aims to support and empower youth by addressing their needs, equipping them with necessary tools to shape a better future for themselves and the country. SYS strives to search for the best interests of the youth, providing them with long-lasting positive experiences and opportunities that have a significant impact on their lives and communities.


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