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A Night at the Souq: Unveiling Riyadh’s Night Souq in Layson Valley

The Night Souq in Layson Valley, Riyadh, concluded on February 3rd, marking the end of a vibrant event that showcased local businesses, delicious food, and winter cheer. While the twinkling lights and crisp air have faded, the spirit of entrepreneurship and community engagement remains.  

Saudi Brands Take Center Stage  

Over 10 days, the Souq provided a platform for over 100 Saudi brands to connect with customers and showcase their products. From fashion and jewelry to perfumes and art, visitors discovered unique, locally-made treasures. The event highlighted the growing talent and diversity of Saudi businesses, offering a glimpse into the country’s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. There was something for everyone to admire and bring home a piece of Saudi Arabia’s creativity. 

Fashion enthusiasts discovered the elegance of every day Ramadan abayas from Toile by JH with a diverse mixed summer and winter collection. Sifin سيفين, Arabic for “swords,”an original local brand unveils fragrances as bold as their namesake. Each spritz, an olfactory duel of rare notes, ignites power and mystique. One of the first fashion brands in Saudi Arabia from 2017 and to join the outstanding Riyadh and Paris Fashion Week, brand Not Boring. Their collaborations with local coffee shops, Misk Foundation and other local brands highlight the power of union between the Saudi community. Beyond mere homeware, the brand Dimensions offered a portal to Riyadh’s vibrant design scene. Their handcrafted mirrors manufactured in Saudi Arabia, each reflecting meticulous skill and local pride, captivated visitors. These are just a few examples of the many talented Saudi brands that took center stage at the Night Souq.

Toile by JH:


Not Boring:

Dimensions: N/A 

A Culinary Experience 

The Night Souq wasn’t just about shopping; it was a sensory experience. Live music performances by talented Saudi artists filled the air, creating a lively and artistic atmosphere. Food stalls offered a delectable array of local and international cuisines, catering to diverse palates. “Where elegance meets artistry” -Floated, an artisanal waffle bakery with new flavors every month celebrating Saudi Arabia and other Western countries like Paris with its creme brûlée flavor this month. Stones Cafe isn’t just another coffee shop, it’s a flavor explosion! Their motto, “hits like stones,” promises bold tastes and memorable experiences. Dive into their breakfast creations, coffee, or chill with refreshing ice teas, all alongside “many more good treats” waiting to be discovered. 



Community Spirit Under the Stars:

The event provided a platform for local businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with the community. It fostered a sense of community and pride in Saudi innovation and talent. The Souq became a space for connecting with artisans, understanding their stories, and appreciating the passion behind their creations.

Looking Ahead into the Future of Saudi Entertainment:

The Night Souq served as a testament to the evolving entertainment landscape in Saudi Arabia. Events like this offer residents and visitors unique experiences that celebrate culture, art, and entrepreneurship. As Saudi Arabia continues to develop its tourism industry, such events pave the way for a vibrant and diverse entertainment scene.

While the Night Souq may be over, the memories and experiences it created will surely linger. It offered a glimpse into the exciting future of Saudi Arabia’s cultural landscape, where tradition meets innovation, and communities come together under the stars.


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