Designing the Future: Effat University’s Fab-Lab

Effat University’s recent launch of the Fab-Lab marks a significant milestone in the Kingdom’s quest for innovation and creativity. This cutting-edge facility is poised to empower the next generation of designers, providing them with the tools and expertise needed to drive progress and shape the future. As a champion of the design industry in Saudi […]

Creating Design Thinking experiences for the Arab world

Is Design Thinking past its prime? With its most vocal champions downsizing, I’ve been asking fellow practitioners and innovation consultants their thoughts and heard mixed perspectives. Some agree the hype died down when organisations internalised the skills, reducing their reliance on external experts. Others believe Design Thinking is still relevant, but may simply be operating […]

Web3 Meets the Design Industry in Saudi ArabiaIntroductionIndustry

In a remarkable collaboration, Adhlal and FAIIIDA organized a workshop that introduces Saudi Arabia’s design sector to the latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). The focus was on introducing and integrating Web3 and decentralized identities (DID), topics that might not initially seem directly related to design. Yet, during my workshop, I […]

Exploring the “Blind Spot”

Every year I try to inspire myself with a conference visits away from the daily routine. This year’s journey to Riga for the RISEBA University of Applied Sciences Architecture & Design Conference was transformative, shedding light on the depth and maturity of the Baltic design ecosystem. With a focus on the theme “Blind Spot,” the event brought to the forefront the often-overlooked aspects of architecture, urban planning, and design education.

AI Design workshop: Adhlal Collaborate to Harness the Power of AI in Design

In collaboration between Adhlal and Remote-how, a virtual hands-on workshop was conducted to showcase the transformative potential of AI in design workflows, providing tool instruction and technical guidance to participants. The result was an immersive experience in which they gained real-life AI experience, acquiring valuable knowledge, enjoying the event, and feeling motivated to further explore […]

Cultural Gemmology in the AlUla Desert

A Cultural Oasis Unveiled during the AlUla Future Culture Summitby Jeroen Frumau, Adhlal for Design Not too long ago, I had the awesome chance to check out the Future Culture Summit in AlUla. Picture this: a spot in the Saudi desert where art meets nature, and everything’s built with sustainability in mind. For a couple of […]

LEAP 2024: Insights from the Adhlal Team

by Wejdan Alowayedh and Yara Hassoubah The Adhlal team recently returned from LEAP 2024, the global platform for future technologies. As a team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and technology, LEAP provided a wealth of inspiration and a glimpse into the future. A Gathering of Minds The sheer scope of LEAP was impressive. […]

Spotlight on Saudi Creativity: Tashkeela Event Showcases Local Talent and Brands

Adhlal team attended Tashkeela event on March 16, 2024, at the Roshan Exhibition and Conference Center. About Tashkeela Event: Continuing to support talent within the Saudi fashion sector, with a focus on Saudi and Arab brands, the Fashion Commission is hosting the Tashkeela Event, showcasing a selection of over 100 Saudi brands. The event is […]

A Night at the Souq: Unveiling Riyadh’s Night Souq in Layson Valley

The Night Souq in Layson Valley, Riyadh, concluded on February 3rd, marking the end of a vibrant event that showcased local businesses, delicious food, and winter cheer. While the twinkling lights and crisp air have faded, the spirit of entrepreneurship and community engagement remains.   Saudi Brands Take Center Stage   Over 10 days, the Souq provided […]

Harrods Hive Riyadh: A Hub of Creativity and Insightful Discussions

In January 2024, Harrods Hive made its debut in Riyadh for a two-day event held at Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah Gate. The Harrods Hive: The Harrods Hive was first launched during Shanghai Fashion Week in 2021 as a networking platform that connects industry leaders with emerging talent. Each event brings together designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and game-changers […]